Freelance Work



ADARO is a 6-foot hybrid diesel-electric boat designed by SeaLandAire technologies for the US Navy. The ADARO platform is designed to be a fully autonomous and user-friendly intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance vehicle. The ADARO logo was designed to appeal to the no-nonsense attitude of the Navy Special Warfare operators who use the vehicle as well as the technical and administrative staff whose passion for the program has driven its success.
Multiple ADARO-branded vehicles and control backpacks have been delivered to the Navy Surface Warfare Center and are being actively evaluated by operators.

Backpack & Controller 2


Frequency Response is an up and coming podcast based in Metro Detroit that features conversations with local music artists of all genres. The Podcast is hosted by musicians and audio-engineers Scott Hanlin and Brad Schubert. I recently had the opportunity to create a logo as well as an animated intro sequence for the show with sound designer and musician Alex Hunter.


Herb & Fire Pizzeria T-Shirt Design


Herb and Fire Pizzeria is a casual local pizza franchise with several locations in the Grand Rapids area. This T-shirt design was designed with the intent of combining the artisanal and professional production quality of Herb and Fire pizza with the laid back atmosphere of the restaurant.


Big Damn Cliff Consulting


Big Damn Cliff Consulting is a restaurant consultation company in Grand Rapids that provides sound, straightforward business advice to local restaurants. I had the opportunity to create an illustrated piece intended to function as a website background as well as a social media banner.