Frequency Response

Frequency Response is an up and coming podcast based in Metro Detroit that features conversations with local music artists of all genres. The Podcast is hosted by musicans and audio-engineers Scott Hanlin and Brad Schubert. I recently had the opportunity to create an animated intro sequence for the show with sound designer and musician Alex Hunter.


The Gun

An animated music video made for the track The Gun by the musical artist LORN.



Fekk is an animated short film that takes place in the distant future. Long after human civilization has fallen, an ancient evil is awoken and the inhabitants of the land must face insurmountable odds in order to save themselves and those they love. Part one an ongoing series, hopefully more to come soon.



My first animation, an experiment with Adobe Animate exploring the creation of consciousness.


24 Hour Animation Challenge

An animation created with 4 other classmates for the annual 24 Hour Animation Challenge. This animation was created from concept to finished piece in 24 hours in order to fulfill a prompt: “One of these things is not like the other.”